High School 3 Summer Activities

Since 2017, the High School classrooms have been using the Rich Center Van to take students to and from job sites, job shadowing locations and vocational activities.  The students have been using this time in the van to also practice safety while traveling.  They have learned to be AWARE of the cars in the parking lots, BUCKLING UP and lastly how to EXIT at a safe location! 

The HS3 class also made homemade ice cream!  Not only did the students enjoy their special treat, but they worked on math by using measuring cups, measuring spoons and counting. They also touched on science when they discussed adding rock salt to the ice and learned although it melted the ice, it did lower the freezing point. They also spent a day working at Gilmores, getting job applications and having lunch!  During this time out of the building, our students work on independence. After they completed the job for the day, they headed out to the mall and practiced going from store to store asking if they were hiring or they had job applications. 

This program will continue as our students return on September 6th!