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At The Rich Center for Autism, each day is full of hope, challenges and possibilities for our students. Our parents provide a rare support system that allows other mothers and fathers to share their stories, find comfort and watch their children progress. Our highly skilled and specially trained teachers are dedicated to helping children with autism strive for physical and social growth. We educate them to become contributing members of our diverse society. As a family-centered school, the Rich Center for autism is a community where the dignity of each child, teacher and parent is respected. We offer a place of hope.



Our library of twelve (12) video learning modules have been used in over 80 countries by thousands of individuals eager to learn about this complex disorder. Registration is free and open to anyone who wants to learn more about autism and treatment methods. You will have access to a wealth of leading-edge research and high quality training videos. We offer an eCertificate of Completion of all the modules. Sign up to access The Rich Center’s entire library of video learning modules.



The Rich Center for Autism is committed to promote research, teaching and public service related to autism. During the Full School-Year and the Summer Programs, children with autism—from preschool age into adolescence— and their families participate in projects that meet the human research requirements established by Youngstown State University.

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