The Rich Center for Autism provides a full education for each child in the core curriculum for each grade. Our staff of highly educated teachers implements the Unique Learning System. We employ licensed teachers, many with Master’s degrees in their area of educational specialization. We also make behavior, speech and occupational therapy a part of our students’ daily schedules.

For our high school students, we provide opportunities for job shadowing and work readiness.

The Unique Learning System (ULS)

The Unique® Learning System, or Unique, is a comprehensive curriculum in that ties into the core curriculum and Ohio’s state standards. Unique’s® differentiated materials provide a means of access to standards-based instruction for students with complex needs. Given appropriate materials and adapted methods for instruction, all students participate in rigorous daily classroom instruction. It includes some reading and math activities, but it is designed to be a social studies and science curriculum with math and reading built into it.  Unique® is organized around themes and often those themes are influenced by current events like News2You, which is an adapted newspaper and a product of the curriculum.  Each student’s academic profile in Unique® generates his or her instruction.

The support levels are:

Level 3

Students require extensive and pervasive support. Increasing participation is the main objective.

Level 3

Students may require symbol support and other direct instruction for learning and comprehension.

Level 3

Students read text, produce simple writing, perform basic math processes, and demonstrate comprehension of modified learning information independently.

Unique® allows teachers to track students’ skills in relation to the core curriculum (state standards) over the course of the year. Unique® contains computerized assessments that can be utilized electronically, or can be printed for use in the classroom or for individual student’s needs.  Unique® is designed to place the student in a level of the curriculum and you can track if skills are being mastered during the year.

Unique® utilized curriculum-based assessments. A curriculum-based assessment is a form of data that shows growth (or highlights difficulties) over the course of the year, which is particularly important for students who are alternatively assessed.

The Unique® is set up for learners who need augmentative communication and have alternate methods of responding to questions.  Unique® utilizes its own symbol set called SymbolStix. The materials come with options for manipulatives and visual supports for the teachers to use in collaboration with the prescribed activities.

Intervention Services

At The Rich Center for Autism, we believe in programs which meet the individual educational needs of every child. Education for the children The Rich Center for Autism serves is best achieved with the application of methods designed to utilize a child’s most effective learning style. Every day we are increasing our understanding of how each child learns best through educational assessments and behavioral assessments. This information from teachers and behavioral consultants in the classroom guides the way teachers individualize instruction for their students. Educational Intervention at The Rich Center for Autism means your child receives the best possible small group and one on one instruction with the teacher!