Rich Center Teacher Uses ASMV Grant for Tyler Museum

The Autism Society of Mahoning Valley offers mini grants to local teachers annually. This year, the third place winner, Pam Kassos from the Rich Center for Autism, wanted to use the grant money to purchase a new computer for the Mahoning Valley Historical Society‘s Tyler History Center in downtown. Pam and her students have been scanning historical documents for the Tyler Museum for over 7 years as part of their transition class and the computers are getting too old to keep up with the work being completed. After being awarded the $100 mini grant, the Rich Center not only matched the amount but also exceeded it to help purchase the computer needed! Additionally, as a part of the partnership, the MVHS purchased an 8 ½” x 11” flatbed scanner to go with the new computer. We are so thankful for our partnerships with the ASMV and MVHS!