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As the month of April comes to a close, so too does Autism Awareness month. We at The Rich Center for Autism, along with our families, friends, and supporters know that bringing awareness across the Mahoning Valley does not stop at the end of April. Awareness is the first step in fulfilling our mission at The Rich Center for Autism, along with promoting the education and acceptance of individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) across our community and beyond.

The Rich Center for Autism is externally funded, and this April we had two events planned:  one featuring Dr. Temple Grandin, and the second being Night at the Races.  Events such as these help to support funding at The Rich Center.

Due to COVID 19, both events have been rescheduled to later dates, but maintaining our mission of Autism education, support, and research is ongoing. Any support now will go a long way in helping us navigate through these unprecedented times with our families and our students.

Therefore, we are kicking off our own “Paint the Valley Blue” campaign! We will be featuring interviews with various people from our community, including parents, team members, and other supporters of The Rich Center for Autism. Today we start with our own President Jim Tressel!  You have the option to make a small donation to The Rich Center for Autism, and you would be surprised how far $1, $5, or $10 will go towards supporting our mission!  Please donate and help The Rich Center “Paint the Valley Blue” every day of the year!