The Gift

Of time

At The Rich Center for Autism, we help break down barriers and witness miracles every day. This wouldn’t happen without support from volunteers. We truly appreciate those who come in to help our students and staff. You chose to be here even though you could be somewhere else. Volunteers are the heart of our organization and help us successfully implement our programs and events. Whether it’s reading in a classroom or assisting us in planning our annual events, our volunteers leave a huge impact on our center.

When can I volunteer?

Most of our volunteer opportunities are available during fund raisers and other events that are done throughout the year. We depend on volunteers to help make every event a success. We also have volunteer opportunities during school hours (8:30 am – 3:00pm). At The Rich Center we will work with you to fit your schedule and interests.

Once you complete the Volunteer Application, we will schedule a time for you to come to the center, meet with a supervisor and go over your paperwork. You only need to complete a volunteer application if you plan on volunteering at The Rich Center. You do not need to complete an application to volunteer for an event.

Current Volunteer Opportunities

Classroom Aides (Complete Volunteer Application)

Special Events (No Volunteer Application Needed)

How do I become a Volunteer at The Rich Center?

Must be at least 16 years of age to volunteer

Submit a Rich Center Volunteer Application

Complete Background Check (BCI)

Complete a Medical/Physical Form