The Rich Center for Autism implements intensive behavioral, speech and occupational therapy into students’ daily schedules.

Behavior Therapy

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a systematic approach to improve socially significant behavior and analyze the variables responsible for behavior change. Determining the function of a challenging behavior will guide the positive behavior support plan. When the function of the behavior is identified, situations that precede or follow the behavior can be manipulated to increase or decrease the identified behavior.

The Rich Center for Autism focuses on increasing skills in communication, socialization, academics and daily living by incorporating basic principles of ABA across the student’s school day. Examples of this include:

Positive reinforcement techniques

Discrete trial training

Structured and incidental teaching during group activities and play

Task analysis

Shaping and chaining of complex behaviors

Token systems

Visual supports

Generalization across responses and settings

Ongoing data collection

Kids Choice Pediatric Rehab & Therapy Center

Speech Therapy

Kids Choice Pediatric Rehab & Therapy Center is very proud to provide Speech Therapy services to the children of The Rich Center for Autism.  Children with ASD often have difficulty with speech, language, and social communication.  For these reasons, Speech Therapy is a central part of the treatment for Autism.  Speech Therapy can address a wide range of communication problems for people with Autism.  Because of the speech, language, and communication problems that children with ASD face, the children need to learn how to communicate in any way that is functional.  This can be through verbal, non -verbal, picture, or computer device techniques.  Kids Choice Speech Therapy staff will work with parents, families, and The Rich Center staff to determine the best form of communication for each individual child.  Kids Choice Pediatric Rehab & Therapy Center provides therapy services to children individually and will target the child's goals that have been created both by their Individual Education Plans and those goals determined by the treating Speech language Pathologist.  All of our Speech Language Pathologists hold Master's Degrees in their field and are highly trained and educated to work with Children that are diagnosed with ASD.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is a service offered at the Rich Center that promotes health and well-being in children and youth.  An occupational therapist works with children, their families, and their teachers to promote independence in a variety of areas.  For preschool and school aged children occupational therapists work to facilitate play skills and self-help skills.  They also address fine motor coordination with scissor skills, coloring, tracing, and handwriting.  The occupational therapist also works on promoting and developing independence with self-help skills such as grooming, manipulation of clothing fasteners, feeding, and dressing. And occupational therapists have a unique ability to evaluate and treat sensory processing deficits which many children on the autism spectrum experience. Occupational therapists are skilled professionals that use scientifically proven and evidenced based practice to help children achieve their goals. An occupational therapist helps children be all that they can be.