Our parents provide some insight as to why The Rich Center for Autism is right for them. And honestly, we couldn’t say it better ourselves!

“It’s the one place where you feel just as comfortable as you do in your own home. Everyone is accepted and you don’t have to worry about being judged. At The Rich Center everyone gets it and you are never alone.”

Michelle McDonald,
Mother of CJ, age 15
Attended for 11 years

“Ever since Jared has started at The Rich Center he has shown progress and continues to improve socially, academically, and emotionally year after year, which as a parent is all you can ask for.”

Brian McConnell
Father of Jared, 2022 Rich Center Graduate
Attended for 16 years

“Bobby has made huge progress at The Rich Center. He still has a very long way to go, but we know he’s at the right place. His teachers are wonderful and they want him to progress just as much as we do.”

Michele Lopatta
Mother of Bobby, age 11
Attended for 7 years

“It is a rare and wonderful thing to see someone else love your child and advocate for them as fiercely as The Rich Center teachers do. They are the heart and soul of the school”!

Stephanie Wells
Mother of Andrew (AJ), age 16
Attended for 11 years

“It is not easy to know how to deal with students who are non-verbal and face physical challenges on a daily basis. Many families try to balance work, autism, and their own health issues with little to no help. My family feels so blessed to have a teaching and nursing staff that take such great care of our son.”

Mauro & Beverly DiVieste
Parents of Michael, age 20
Attended for 16 years

“Hunter has been at The Rich Center since he was 5 and has achieved goals and milestones that I never thought possible.”

Kelly & Roger Willis
Parents of Hunter, age 21
Attended for 16 years