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DRUMMING WITH SMARTSThe Center’s Research Program is  multi-disciplinary focusing on areas impacting autism, such as, education, physical therapy, exercise science, counseling, nursing, nutrition, criminal justice, and psychology. Collaborative research with other universities and medical centers also occurs. It is lead by Dr. Darlene Unger, Associate Professor at Youngstown State and Research Director at the Center – she is the liaison between faculty, staff and students of the university and the Center.

She leads the academic program, an accredited upper and lower-division undergraduate and graduate coursework which prepares educators, medical specialists, professionals and uses a variety of research tested strategies for serving individuals with autism.

Various research conducted at the Rich Center has been published in national health journals and presented at conferences around the U.S.  Research projects include:

• Impact of a Home Outreach Program on Autistic Children’s Academic and Prosocial Behavior Goal Attainment – Dr. Kenneth L. Miller

• Gait and Running Patterns in Children with Autism – Suzanne Giuffre and Cathy Bieber Parrott

• Play Therapy Interventions for Children with Autism – Dr. Jennifer Lewis Jordan

• Correlation of Cortisol Level and Behavior in School Age Children with Autism – Curren Katz, The Mind, Brain and Education Department, Harvard University

• Teacher Mentorship and Program Evaluation After Completion of the Moderate/Intense Special Education Program with a Focus on Autism Spectrum Disorders and Related Disabilities – Dr. Margaret Briley

• Balance and Coordination in Children with Autism – Dr. Jennifer Pintar in collaboration with Dr. R. Robertson, University of Pittsburgh

• Support Groups for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder – Dr. Joe Mosca

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