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DYLAN DRUMMINGThe Rich Center for Autism is committed to improving the lives of individuals with autism and their families through the creation, use and enhancement of innovative educational programs specifically designed to assure the attainment of a life of dignity and to enhance the individuals’ opportunities to achieve their full potential.

The Rich Center for Autism achieves success for children with autism by combining current research with the newest and most innovative theories in education and by focusing this combination on instructional intervention, direct therapeutic services, and comprehensive support programs that honor the unique individuality of each child.

This broad approach creates a greater likelihood of success for the child with autism, which, in turn, leads to a life of dignity.

The child-centered comprehensive Full School-Year Program is licensed under Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services  includes:

• individually determined objectives and goals;

• active engagement in intensive, structured and specialized instructional intervention of academic, behavioral, communicative and social skills development;

• an empirical, data-driven, multi-disciplinary approach with program evaluation and feedback adjustments made accordingly;

• a full school day, five days a week, for the full school-year;

• repetitive positive reinforcement teaching, short intervals, one-to-one/small group instructions;

• inclusion of typically developing children in classrooms as appropriate;

• lunch time and play skills experiences;

• multiple therapeutic services;

• school nurse;

• social work and mental health counseling services for families;

• team collaboration of The Rich Center for Autism staff, consultants, parents and the child to assess the parents’ goals and participation in the process;

• inclusion of a family support group component;

• partnership with and follow-up consultative services to the child’s community school district;

• multiple demonstration classroom experiences and service opportunities for Youngstown State University faculty, students, the community, and other institutions;

• opportunities for faculty, students, and other professionals through The Rich Center for Autism Research Program;

• opportunities for Beeghly College of Education Master of Science in Education autism coursework, as well as undergraduate coursework;

• professional development opportunities for educators, medical specialists and others who serve individuals affected by autism.


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