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“Sebastian started out at public school, preschool thru 4th grade. But the older he got the more problems he was having at school. He was diagnosed at age 9 with Aspergers, ADD, and anxiety. He started to get bullied more and more and we made the decision to take him out of public school. We found The Rich Center for Autism, took a tour and registered him for that coming year. He has now been there for 3 years and it has been the best decision we ever made. He has done a 180, he likes going to school, his attitude is better, he says ‘Hi’ , introduces himself and makes eye contact now. It has been amazing to see the change in him once he was in a place with understanding teachers and staff. He feels comfortable and safe, which he didn’t before. The Rich Center is a wonderful school for autistic kids with even more wonderful people who work there.”

Erin Y. mother of Sebastian, age 13
Part of The Rich Center family since 2012

“We were moving from Winchester, VA to the Mahoning Valley and were having an impossible time finding a school that offered Applied Behavior Analysis for his daily learning. That’s when we found The Rich Center online. Nathan enrolled 3 months later. At that time he hardly spoke and rarely interacted with other kids. In a space of few months all this changed. He now says more words, asks for what he wants/needs, and has improved his social interaction with other people, especially kids. The Rich Center’s preschool program has been tremendous. The teachers are awesome and Nathan looks forward to going to school each day. Simply put, The Rich Center has been wonderful for Nathan and we could not imagine him not being at the school.”

Patience Musuka, Nathan’s mom

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