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The Paula and Anthony Rich Center for the Study and Treatment of Autism is an externally funded unit of Youngstown State University. The primary mission of The Rich Center is to improve the lives of individuals with autism and their families through the creation, use and enhancement of innovative educational programs specifically designed to assure the attainment of a life of dignity and to enhance the individuals’ opportunities to achieve their full potentials. The Rich Center serves as a conduit between the segments of the community concerned with autism: the university,educators and health and human service professionals.

• The Rich Center is committed to the development and education of exceptionally well-qualified and innovative professionals who understand the field of autism.
• The Rich Center will serve as an advocate for change with regard to community attitudes

  • support the needs of individuals with autism and their families;
  • and by doing so increase public awareness of the rapid growth of autism throughout the world.

• The Rich Center is committed to the promotion of research, teaching and public service related to autism.

To accomplish the above goals, The Rich Center will actively pursue available funding and grant opportunities on an ongoing basis.

The Rich Center for Autism will continue to be a national model in the field of autism for preparing educators, medical specialists, other professionals, and para-professionals who serve individuals with autism; for promoting scholarly research; and for advocating on behalf of, and providing public service for, those affected by autism.

Core Values
The Rich Center for Autism adopts the Youngstown State University Core Values as essential in achieving its mission.


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